Apartment Living

Apartment Living Room Ideas: Transform Your Space into a Stylish Haven

The living room is the anchor point for most apartment floor plans—it’s where you spend most of your time outside the bedroom, so it should speak to your comfort and style. Make your space your own by using these renter-friendly apartment living room ideas! If you’re looking to view our apartments instead, schedule a tour at Doud Apartment Homes! Don't Be Afraid to Get Creative When it...

Luxury Apartment Living: Is It Worth It?

Living in a luxury apartment building offers a number of benefits, including a prime location, high-end amenities, superior security, luxury finishes and materials, and a sense of community. If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient, and secure place to live, a luxury apartment building may be the right choice for you.

7 Tips on Finding a Roommate

It’s common for Millennials and Gen Z renters to live with roommates—and for good reason! Dividing living expenses among cohabiting friends, family, or significant others allows you to improve your living situation without breaking your budget.

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