What to Look for in Pet Friendly Apartments in Rochester, NY

Renters can find pet friendly apartments easily by using online directories to search for specific criteria. But finding the right apartment for your pet is an involved process. After all, you need to consider your pet’s needs and your own.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should consider when comparing pet friendly apartments in Rochester, NY based on our leasing team’s experience!

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1. Check for Pet Restrictions

Pet policies vary depending on the apartment complex. The most common restrictions include: 

  • Breed Restrictions – Certain breeds may be harder to approve due to perceived notions of aggression or size. Apartments may have restrictions against pit bulls, rottweilers, and others.
  • Weight Limits – Some apartment complexes have weight limits to avoid larger pets or breeds. Pet friendly apartments typically set a limit of 50 pounds for dogs and cats.
  • Number of Pets – For safety reasons, there may be a limit to how many pets can live in your apartment. Most apartments will allow 1–2 pets per unit.
  • Vaccination & Licensing – Apartments may require proof of vaccination and licensing to ensure the safety of other pets and tenants. Stay up-to-date on your pet’s vaccinations.
  • Pet Deposit & Fees – Pet friendly apartments will often charge a pet deposit and monthly fee per animal. Read over your lease to ensure you understand all costs associated with your pet.

Doud Apartment Homes allows small cats and dogs. For other animals or outliers, contact our leasing team for more information!

2. Consider the Square Footage

The ideal pet friendly apartment should have enough space for you and your pet to live comfortably. It would be inhumane to put a large dog in a small apartment. 

Follow these guidelines: 

  • Small Dogs – Small dogs need about 25–30 square feet to live comfortably.
  • Medium and Large Dogs – Medium to large dogs need upward of 60 square feet of space. Remember to account for space to roam and lay down, whether that’s a crate or a dog bed.
  • Indoor Cats – Cats need about 20 square feet of space, best scattered through multiple rooms. Unlike dogs, cats enjoy vertical space, so you should consider places where your cat can climb. Set up cat trees with areas to lounge in.

Besides square footage, you should consider adding toys or finding ways to stimulate your pets. Windows overlooking active roads or natural scenes can help keep your pets engaged and happy! Speaking of…

3. Check for Outdoor Space

When comparing pet friendly apartments, look for proximity to outdoor spaces where your dog can play. Dog parks, private trails, and pet spas are top luxury amenities to consider. If your dog prefers more challenging walks, focus on apartments close to hiking trails!

Doud is just a short drive from several top Rochester parks and hiking trails, including:

  • Highland Park
  • Cobb’s Hill
  • Gates Memorial Park
  • Lower Falls Park
  • Pinnacle Hill Trail

4. Check for Soundproof Walls

It’s no secret that pets can be noisy. Before committing to an apartment, ask how soundproof the walls are or check reviews to see if there’s a history of noise complaints! You don’t want your furry friends to cause grief for your neighbors, nor do you want your pet upset from constant external noises. When in doubt, you can always invest in renter-friendly soundproofing pads to dampen noises.

5. Meet Your Neighbors

Getting to know your potential neighbors will give you insights into how pet friendly the community is. A thriving pet community often indicates that the pet amenities are reasonable. Not to mention, becoming friends with other pet owners can be perfect if you need a pet sitter in a pinch (as long as you’re not imposing)!

On the other hand, neighbors who dislike pets or are afraid of them may be harder to bond with. Weigh the community against your personal needs to see if it’s the right fit.

Pet Friendly Apartments FAQs

Aside from the points above, here are additional questions that pet owners have when looking for pet friendly apartments: 

What types of pets are allowed?

Most pet policies refer to dogs and cats. If you have other species, it’s a good idea to clear it with your landlord before bringing the pet in. That includes small, low-maintenance pets such as fish, turtles, birds, and hamsters.

Do I need a pet resume?

A pet resume is not required for most apartments—but attaching a pet resume to your rental application can show landlords that you’re a responsible pet owner and that your pet is fit to stay in the apartment. Pet resumes include your pet’s character profile, vaccination proof, pet license (if applicable), and references.

What happens if my pet damages the apartment?

Depending on the extent of the damage, your renters insurance policy may cover property damages from pets. Most renters insurance includes a pet liability clause for legal pet-related issues, emergency medical care if your pet injures someone, and pet-related property damage. 

However, some policies do not include pet liability and require you to purchase it separately. In addition, pet liability clauses may have restrictions based on pet breed. Remember to read the fine print!

Can I own pets if the lease doesn’t mention pets?

Apartments that don’t mention pets in the lease will generally allow pets, though you should always confirm with the leasing office. Do not sign any lease that says, “No pets allowed,” even if your landlord says otherwise. Instead, ask for an amended lease that explicitly states you may have a pet and any conditions that apply.

Finding the Right Pet Friendly Apartments in Rochester, NY

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right pet friendly apartments, starting with the right property is the way to go. Look for apartments that are spacious with easy access to the outdoors to keep your pets engaged. A strong pet community is a great indicator that you’ll fit right in! Finally, avoid apartments with reported noise complaints. 
Doud Apartment Homes takes pet friendly apartment living to the next level! Schedule a tour with our leasing office to see what luxury apartment living can be!

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