10 Community Amenities To Look For in a Luxury Apartment

What makes a luxury apartment special is the attention to detail. Beyond high-quality in-apartment features, savvy renters look for top community amenities that complement their lifestyle. After all, a well-equipped property can save you money by limiting external expenses such as a gym membership or pool pass.

In this blog, we explore 10 in-demand community amenities that renters prioritize when searching for a luxury apartment.

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1. Resort-Style Pool

A resort-style pool is a hallmark of luxury living, with numerous stress-relieving benefits. Not only is a pool the perfect spot to relax, but swimming offers a full-body workout. Unlike a community pool, apartment pools are restricted to residents and their guests, allowing for a more private experience. Families, couples, and individuals are sure to enjoy their summers with on-demand access to a resort-style apartment pool.

Benefits of an apartment pool: 

  • Hands-Off Maintenance: Luxury apartment complexes maintain pools for their residents, taking care of all cleaning, fixing, and safety precautions so you don’t have to!
  • Full-Body Exercise: Swimming is a low-impact sport that engages your whole body. Start your day with a refreshing swim and increase the intensity as you grow stronger.
  • Relax After Work: Beat the heat by unwinding at the pool! Dip your feet, swim laps, or simply lounge in a chair with a book and beverage.
  • Entertainment Options: Make the most of your apartment community amenities by hosting a pool party! Apartment pools are great for friends and family gatherings as well as low-cost but high-in-fun dates.

2. Private Garages

Private garages are a luxury (arguably necessary) community amenity for cars facing Rochester’s weather. A covered garage protects your car from the elements, which helps extend tire lifespan by regulating extreme temperatures. In the winter, private garages keep snow off parked cars, so renters don’t have to worry about brushing snow from their windshields and roofs before driving.

Other benefits of private garages include:

  • Privacy: Secure and private parking keeps cars safe from potential thieves.
  • Storage: Larger garages can keep extra items such as a bike or other outdoor recreational equipment.
  • Car Safety: A private garage protects your vehicle from weather and potential damage. This is crucial for hot summers, snowy winters, and rainy seasons.
  • Reserved Parking: Renters always have a parking spot with a private garage, with less chance of unauthorized parking.

3. Fitness Center

A well-equipped apartment fitness center is a must-have for health-conscious renters. Besides eliminating the need for an external gym membership, apartment fitness centers are available 24/7 and usually require a keycard or fob to access. This allows for a more secure workout session. Renters with gym anxiety can also time workout sessions to avoid crowds.

To make the most of the fitness center:

  • Create a Routine: Develop a regular workout schedule based on activities you enjoy doing and muscle groups you want to grow. Consistency is key!
  • Try All of the Equipment: Look for a gym equipped to tackle most major muscle groups. Different machines work out various muscle groups for a more holistic approach to exercise.
  • Find a Gym Buddy: Gym buddies help keep individuals accountable while making the overall process more enjoyable! Go with a guest, roommate, or neighbor to bond over healthy habits.
  • Pick the Right Time: Apartment gyms offer flexible timing and no commute! Pick a time when you prefer to work out, whether that’s early in the morning before work, during peak hours to avoid crowds, or during popular times to work out with friends!

4. Outdoor Social Spaces

Outdoor social spaces encourage community interaction, providing a pleasant environment for leisure activities and decompression. These spaces include pools, communal green spaces, pathways, and nature trails. As with most community amenities, a good luxury apartment complex will maintain and beautify outdoor social spaces on behalf of its residents.

Doud Apartment Homes is known for its direct access to the Erie Canal. Experience the scenic beauty of the Erie Canal with just a short walk! 

Some top benefits of outdoor social spaces include:

  • Personal Relaxation: Unwind after work with a stroll along the Erie Canal, stop to read a book, or simply take in the sights.
  • Meeting Neighbors: Communal spaces in apartments promote organic ways to meet neighbors and maintain a connection with your apartment community. This is particularly important for renters new to the area without an established social network.
  • Walking Pets: Outdoor social spaces near nature are perfect places to walk your pets and meet other pet owners!

5. Clubhouse & Multipurpose Party Room

A clubhouse is a communal hub that focuses on activities and socializing. They often include fitness centers, pools, lounges, and even a community kitchen for entertaining. Clubhouses also typically feature a multipurpose party room that renters can reserve for any occasion. 

Clubhouses and multipurpose rooms are versatile event spaces, making them perfect for renters who love entertaining. You can also play music in them without worrying about noise complaints from neighbors. Not to mention, they’re cost-effective solutions, eliminating the need to find expensive venues.

Keep your apartment stress-free by taking advantage of your apartment’s clubhouse or multipurpose room! Some apartment entertainment options:

  • Birthday Parties: Celebrate your birthday or host a birthday party for a loved one with more space for dancing, chatting, and more!
  • Game Night: Host a game night to keep your apartment clean and cozy. What better time to bust out your board games, card games, and DnD campaigns?
  • Monthly Club: Host a book club, knitting group, cookbook gathering, and more at your apartment complex’s multipurpose room.
  • Themed Parties: Babyshower? No problem! Karaoke party? Get the mics! Bridgerton fashion show? Bring it on! Reserve a space to host your themed parties with ease.

6. Breakout Workrooms, Study Rooms, and Conference Rooms

For more professional or academic purposes, luxury apartments supply breakout workrooms, study rooms, and conference rooms. These rooms are dedicated quiet spaces with reliable internet access, allowing residents to work seamlessly outside the office. 

An often underrated community amenity, conference rooms are game changers for residents who work from home. Having a designated workspace separate from your living space can help set clear boundaries and reduce stress.

Apartment breakout workrooms and study rooms are perfect for:

  • Productivity Spaces: These quiet spots are perfect for focused work.
  • Professional Meeting: Conduct business meetings in a professional setting rather than using your personal space as a backdrop.
  • Tech hubs: Access to Wi-Fi and a printer helps you complete tasks without investing in a full home office.

7. On-Site Leasing Office

An on-site leasing office enhances the resident experience by providing direct access to management, fostering relationships, and ensuring prompt responses to issues. Benefits include:

  • Immediate Assistance: Leasing representatives can help residents find quick resolutions to problems, offering personalized support in urgent apartment-related issues.
  • Prospective Tenants: Having a leasing representative available is convenient for inquiries, tours, and lease processing. They’re trained to answer any questions related to the property.
  • Security: A leasing office helps enforce security through staff presence. Leasing offices can also coordinate with external services such as managing packages.

8. Package Room

One of the most requested community amenities in apartment complexes is a 24/7 package room. A package room managed by the leasing office helps ensure residents’ safety while increasing convenience. Signed delivery windows are a thing of the past when you have a well-maintained package room.

9. Enhanced Security System

The best luxury apartments near Rochester, NY incorporate some form of security to support resident safety and dissuade crime. Most properties use a combination of surveillance, restricted entry, and physical presence via the leasing office.

At Doud Apartment Homes, we incorporate: 

  • 24/7 Digital Camera Surveillance: We monitor all outdoor areas, such as common areas, exterior doorways, and driveways.
  • Digital Entry System: All buildings use the Mircom secure digital entry system, which allows residents to enter via a tenant code. We’ve installed the system at building entryways and interior doors leading to hallways.
  • Secure Guest Access: Guests can request entry into a building through the Mircom secure digital entry system pad at the building entrance. After typing in the apartment unit they’d like to visit, the tenant will receive a notification on their cell phone to grant or deny building access.
  • Deadbolt Locks: Each apartment entry is equipped with a deadbolt lock and a bottom lock for the door knob.

10. Resident Portal

A resident portal is a valuable digital tool that consolidates most if not all apartment services into a convenient hub. Use the resident portal to access services such as:

  • Rent Payment: Easily manage your payments online, check your rent statement, and schedule automatic payments.
  • Refer to Key Documents: Most resident portals save digital copies of your lease, renters insurance, and other key documentation. Some portals allow renters to sign documents electronically, such as during a lease renewal.
  • Maintenance Requests: Submit and track requests conveniently without calling the leasing office.
  • Community Updates: Stay informed about events and notices. Some resident portals include a community board function where residents can post events, move-out sales, and item exchanges.
  • Instant Messaging With Staff: Some portals provide direct communication options with leasing specialists and other staff.

Enjoy Must-Have Community Amenities at Doud

To make the most out of luxury apartment living, look for community amenities that enhance your lifestyle! Doud Apartment Homes offers flexible community features that cater to our residents, whether it’s fitness, socialization, entertainment, or luxury living perks.

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