Top Benefits of Renting New Apartments in Rochester, NY

When considering places to live, new apartments and recently constructed complexes are some of the most popular choices—and for good reason! New apartments are clean, feature the latest appliances, and don’t require the same level of maintenance compared to older properties. As a result, they’re more enjoyable to live in and generally make your life easier.

In this blog, we cover the top 6 benefits new apartments in Rochester, NY have over older buildings. We also predict some new trending amenities renters should look out for in 2024.

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Everything Is Clean & Move-In Ready

Imagine being one of the first people to live in your new apartment. The rooms and appliances are clean. There’s no sticky residue in the fridge or discoloration on the walls. And, most importantly, there are no hidden issues from the previous tenant to deal with. With a new apartment, you have the peace of mind of knowing everything is at face value.

Of course, as with any apartment, you should always inspect everything and make a note of any potential issues with the property manager. You just won’t have many things (if any!) to report when going with a properly constructed new build.

New Apartments Feature Modern Styles

New apartments follow modern interior design conventions, which currently favor neutral colors, hardwood floors in the kitchen and living quarters, and carpeted bedrooms. Not only does this make for the perfect blend of comfort and functionality, new apartment styles are endlessly adaptable

Think of a new apartment as a blank canvas for your personal taste!

Unlike with an older apartment, you won’t have to worry about looking dated or purchasing new decor pieces to fit into a specific look. Well-designed new apartments should work seamlessly with your current furnishing.

Newer Amenities Cater to Renter Needs

There are apartment amenities, and then there are luxury apartment amenities. New apartments feature up-to-date apartment and community amenities that reflect the modern renter. And today’s renters expect more from their homes—as they should!

When comparing new apartments, look for amenities that fit your lifestyle the most. Extroverted individuals who prefer to host may value a pool and clubroom for parties. Fitness-minded individuals may appreciate a fitness center. For homebodies, an open space with large windows might be key for appreciating natural light.

The best new apartments in Rochester will always keep the renter in mind when incorporating new amenities.

Energy Efficient Appliances Help Reduce Utilities

One of the top perks of living in a new apartment is having access to modern appliances such as stainless steel refrigerators, dishwashers, and in-unit washers and dryers. Manufacturers create new appliances with performance and efficiency in mind, making it convenient for renters to complete household tasks.

As a bonus, energy-efficient appliances can lower utility costs for renters and are generally better for the environment. Eco-conscious tenants may find these appliances to be easy ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

New Apartments Require Less Upkeep

If you’ve lived in an older apartment, you’ve probably experienced your share of maintenance requests. Without proper upkeep and renovations, older apartments need more maintenance to remain functional, which can be disruptive to renter living. 

New apartments feature modern appliances with longer lifespans, so there’s less need for upkeep beyond routine inspections.

Future New Apartment Amenities in 2024

We’ve talked about what you should look for in a new apartment. But times change, and renters are constantly looking for new amenities that seal the deal. Here are the 3 top community amenities new apartments will begin incorporating in 2024.

1.  Saunas

New apartments are catching on to health and wellness-focused renters. As a result, pools and fitness centers with access to saunas are gaining traction. Saunas are relaxing and can have profound physiological effects as the body regulates its core temperature. 

2. Covered Garages

While many apartments offer reserved parking spaces, some properties that are mindful of intense weather or temperatures will strive to offer covered garages. That could be an underground garage, a large covered parking lot, or individual spots. Covered garages are particularly beneficial during rainy seasons, extreme heat, or snow. No need to brush off your car during Rochester winters!

3. Multipurpose Party Room

Finding an event space for quick or small gatherings can be difficult and costly. That’s why savvy renters are turning to properties with multipurpose party rooms to satisfy their hosting needs. Reserve a multipurpose party room to host a movie night, a trivia night, or even a baby shower!

Find New Apartments in Rochester, NY to Rent

There are many reasons to consider new apartments over older properties, from sleek modern finishes to high-performing energy-efficient appliances that won’t constantly break down. New apartments are built with the modern renter in mind and are ready to move in.

If you’re ready to see how good living in a new apartment in Rochester, NY can be, talk to Doud’s leasing office to learn more about our units!

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