5 Creative Spare Bedroom Ideas to Transform Your Apartment

Renters often choose a larger floor plan, such as a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment, to enjoy the extra space. This is a particularly cost-effective tactic for couples who maximize their budget by sleeping in one bedroom and repurposing the other.

In this blog, we highlight 5 creative (and practical) spare bedroom ideas that help elevate your space. All of our suggestions can be modified to be hybrid guest rooms, in case you need a space to host or want a separate bedroom. Ultimately, the space should meet your lifestyle needs, whether it’s entertaining, hobby space, or storage.

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1. An Office, Study, or Library

Designating a spare bedroom as an office has several benefits. Having a dedicated home office allows you to separate your living quarters from your work life. This is particularly important for your mental health if you regularly work from home or need a reliable place to take meetings.

Home offices or studies are also opportunities to personalize your apartment! Take the opportunity to design a space that makes you feel good while also increasing your focus. 

We recommend furnishing your spare bedroom with:

  • A desk with a large monitor
  • A comfortable chair
  • Drawers to organize work materials and documents
  • A whiteboard or renter-friendly wall-mounted stationary holders
  • Bookcases to house your library
  • A day bed or full-sized bed for temporary relaxation
  • A floor and desk lamp to layer warm lighting
  • Plants to breathe life into the room
  • Sound absorption panels to reduce echos

2. A Home Theater

Instead of cluttering your living room with sound equipment and oversized TVs, turn your spare bedroom into a home theater! Home theaters are dark and can be clunky if you only prioritize function over aesthetics. But the best home theaters invest in layered lighting, good sound quality, and comfortable seating to make the experience cozy.

Attention to detail is key! Try furnishing your home theater with: 

  • A large TV or movie projector
  • An entertainment console to store DVD collections, gaming devices, etc.
  • A sound system
  • Sound absorption panels to dampen sounds and reduce echos
  • Dynamic LED strip lights to enhance the mood
  • Comfy chairs, sectionals, collapsable futons, or a bed
  • Several blankets and pillows
  • Side tables to hold snacks

Trust us—your inner movie aficionado will thank you!

3. An Art Studio or Hobby Room

Renters often convert their spare bedroom to an art studio or hobby room for painting, illustrating, sewing, knitting, assembling action figures, and more. A dedicated art studio keeps your equipment and materials organized, encourages the discipline to regularly create, and prevents unwelcome hands (or paws) from touching your things! 

A good hobby room has the same components as a home office, with some additions to accommodate your craft. That may include:

  • A washable rug to protect from spills or messes
  • A hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean extraneous debris
  • Natural or white lighting to ensure your project’s colors are accurate

4. A Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb, a spare bedroom is a great space to create a “greenhouse!” Obviously, we don’t recommend building an actual greenhouse as the moisture and heat levels are not ideal for apartment walls. 

However, there are several ways to display your plant collection while also helping your green friends grow. One of the most popular hacks is to convert a sturdy cabinet with glass walls into a temperature-controlled plant station. Just equip the cabinet with a humidifier, mini fans, a hygrometer, and a thermometer to monitor the environment.

Plant rooms do best with an airy feel, so try incorporating: 

  • A neutral color palette with white, beige, and wood tones to let the plants shine
  • Comfortable seating or a day bed to enjoy the plants
  • Mirrors to help maximize natural light
  • Open bookcases or renter-friendly shelving to layer your plants’ heights

5. A Decor Trial Zone

What better way to test out your spare bedroom ideas than a decor room? It can be hard to incorporate new decor pieces or experiment with different styles in your main living areas. Even a small change can feel like a big commitment. 

A spare bedroom, on the other hand, offers an easy way to make bold decoration decisions without adjusting your overall style. Not sure how you feel about a new color palette? Test it in your spare bedroom! Curious about reimagining your eclectic farmhouse style into industrial-meets-art deco? Your decor trial zone has you covered!

Once you find something you like, you can apply it to your main living area or simply keep it as a fun outlier in your home!

Create a Spare Bedroom That Fits Your Needs

Still wondering what to do with a spare bedroom? The best spare bedroom ideas revolve around your interests and practical needs. You should treat them as dedicated areas to indulge in your hobbies or private areas that recede into your apartment. These secluded rooms can be bright and calm to help you destress, or you can keep them dark and cozy to feel like a retreat.

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