12 Apartment Must-Haves: Amazon Edition 

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A great apartment has all the luxury features and amenities to suit your needs. But, at the end of the day, an apartment is really a canvas for your decor preferences and lifestyle. Our leasing experts have compiled a list of apartment must-haves (Amazon edition) that are sure to elevate your experience and make apartment living that much sweeter!

We’ve included a mix of functional items that will serve you wherever you live as well as fun additions. All items adapt well to many interior design directions without compromising on function. 

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Amazon nor do we receive a commission on product sales. We’re focusing on Amazon must-haves because they’re widely available to online shoppers.

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1. Multi-Purpose Coffee Table

amazon multipurpose coffee table
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We love a coffee table that does more than look pretty. Take the Rolanstar convertible coffee table with a lift top for example. This coffee table offers an incredible amount of storage space, from the pull-out drawers and lower surface to the hidden storage beneath the tabletop. 

What sealed the deal for us was the lift top. You can elevate and expand the table top to dining table height by pulling upward. There’s also a mini pull-out work surface for when you need a comfortable desk while sitting on the couch.

2. Tiered Bookcase

tiered bookshelf case
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There’s a reason why this industrial-style bookshelf is so popular. NUMENN’s five-tier bookcase is an easy modern addition to any home. Featuring wood shelves and black metal frames, this bookcase slips into most styles and gives much-needed height to your decor.

Don’t just keep books there! Pair organic-shaped items like plants, diffusers, vases, and trinkets with geometric items like books, photos, and organizer crates to create visual interest and draw your eyes upward. You can also purchase multiple bookcases to create a book wall or space them around your apartment to create a cohesive design framework.

Whatever your approach, this item is sure to top your apartment must-haves list!

3. Under-Sink Organizers

under sink organizers
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If you aren’t using space organizers, you’re probably not maximizing your storage space to its fullest potential. A common offender? Cabinets under kitchen and bathroom sinks.

In comes Pedestal’s 2-pack under-sink organizers! These tiered organizers are made with steel pipes and matching plastic baskets for quick clean-up and durability. They also slide out, making all items easily accessible. The versatile design means they do well in any low cabinet with deep storage space!

4. Induction Kitchen Cookware Set

nonstick pots and pans
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CAROTE non-stick pots and pans perform well with gas, electric, and induction stovetops. Their white granite pattern and beautiful wooden accents lend a timeless look, which means they work well as serving vessels. However, the wooden accents aren’t oven-safe, so you may want to consider a cast iron skillet or high-quality stainless steel pan for when you need to go from the stove to the oven.

5. Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Machine

nespresso vertuo
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Barista or otherwise, you’ll feel confident making a delicious cup of joe with the Nespresso Vertuo Next Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Maker. The modern design features a dark finish, chromed accents, and a smaller footprint. Use recyclable coffee pods to add variety to your coffee routine. If you’re a coffee lover, this machine is sure to earn its permanent spot on your counter.

6. Airtight Food Storage

airtight food storage
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An apartment must-haves list wouldn’t be complete without trendy food storage containers! Vtopmart’s airtight food storage containers help you streamline your pantry by organizing your dry goods, baking supplies, and snacks with stackable options. Use the provided labels to keep track of your items.

The food-grade clear plastic is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. Not to mention, using clear containers to store your food can add visual texture to your pantry while allowing you to quickly see your inventory at a glance.

7. Electric Spin Scrubber

electric spin scrubber
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With an electric spin scrubber, you can clean your bathrooms, showers, tubs, and more in no time! Electric spin scrubbers are more powerful than manual scrubbing, leading to a more thorough clean-up. JVIBI makes adjustable electric scrubbers designed with ergonomics in mind to keep you comfortable when doing chores.

8. Dish Drying Rack

dish drying rack
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All Doud apartments have in-unit dishwashers, but it’s still a good idea to have a dish drying rack for quick washing and delicate items. In comes the MOUKABAL dish drying rack! This two-tiered drying rack has a sleek, minimalist design made of sturdy anti-rust coated metal. Water runoff pours directly into your sink, keeping your counters dry.

9. Smart LED Light Bulbs

smart led light bulbs
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Smart LED light bulbs offer many benefits, the most practical being energy savings. Linkind smart light bulbs work with smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa, allowing you to program your lights to turn on automatically at sunset or whenever you set your schedule. This also means you can control the lightbulbs remotely, either by voice with a smart home device or through your phone.

From a design perspective, LED light bulbs have adjustable colors, allowing you to change your apartment’s mood with the touch of a button! We recommend having a set of smart light bulbs for your primary lights.

10. Fridge Organizers

clear fridge organizers
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You might not realize how much fridge space you’re neglecting until you get a fridge organizer. Sorbus clear fridge organizer bins are designed to keep your fridge clutter-free while allowing you to keep items organized and visually appealing. Handles make the bins easy to pull out and transport, and the plastic makes for easy cleanup if there are accidental spills.

The best part? Even though these bins are designed for the kitchen using BPA-free plastic, the organizer can easily be used to organize your toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more. This item came up multiple times in our apartment must-haves discussions!

11. Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser
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Creating the right apartment atmosphere requires functional but non-distracting decor, adjustable lighting options, and calming scents! The InnoGear essential oil diffuser combines all three in one. 

This diffuser features attractive wood grain patterns or an adjustable glow light option. Besides calming natural scents extracted from plants, the upgraded model can function as a humidifier, which is ideal for plant parents and skincare enthusiasts alike!

12. Ceramic Dinnerware Set

ceramic dinnerware set
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We love ceramic dinnerware for its rustic textures, neutral colors, and heavy feel. Ceramic plates can easily elevate your culinary adventures with little effort without feeling overly decorated. Stone Lain Lauren’s Stoneware dishes are classic enough to work with any dinner party theme and understated enough for everyday use.

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Before taking our apartment must-haves to heart, it’s important to understand your apartment space and lifestyle to determine what you actually need. 

When in doubt, stick to your basics and focus on items that are functional. Don’t just go for trendy designs—take the time to think through items that adapt well to different decor styles and will go with you as you move. At the end of the day, high-quality items can help enhance your living experience, making it all the more special.

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