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genesee high falls in rochester ny

Things to do in Rochester, NY for Summer

Every summer, Rochester comes to life thanks to its mix of energetic cityscape and natural attractions! The local food scene is no joke either. Rochester’s festival circuit is a great way to discover new music (and fond classics!) while sampling trendy food trucks and cocktails!Check out our master list of things to do in Rochester, NY:Explore the Vibrant Parks and GardensEnjoy Waterfront Adventures and...

Living in Rochester, NY: Everything You Need to Know

Tired of big-city living but can’t say no to big-city amenities? Sounds like living in Rochester, NY might be the sweet spot for you!Thanks to its distinct mix of natural beauty, exceptional universities, and reasonable housing rates, Rochester remains an ideal city for renters. Locals also enjoy a robust recreational scene, ranging from diverse food and music festivals to historical sites.Whatever your...

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